RT-N56U Reset to Factory Defaults - Possible?


I've been helping a user on the other side of the world to upgrade her RT-N56U running a very old stock Asus firmware to OpenWRT. The user has just had her RT-N56U replaced with a Keenetic City router (which was done against my recommendations). So, my idea was to prepare the RT-N56U to either become a repeater or to become the Internet router again but this time running OpenWRT.

I followed the procedure listed in the OpenWRT Wiki for RT-N56U on how to flash it with OpenWRT, and everything went well. I was able to access LuCI on RT-N56U and started configuring the device. Unfortunately, during the process of configuration I locked myself out of OpenWRT (my own fault).

So, my question is, Is it possible to reset RT-N56U running OpenWRT to factory defaults (default IP address - and no password) instead of having to re-flash the RT-N56U again? If it's possible to reset it to factory defaults without re-flashing it, could someone let me know how to reset it to factory defaults?

Thank you!

You can try to use the reset button. Otherwise a search in the forum can provide some hints.

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Thanks. I actually figured out that I didn't really lock myself out, so I can continue with the configuration. If only the person on the other end were a little more computer literate. At least, I can now remotely flash OpenWRT, which is a valuable skill.

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