RT-N56U Configuration

Newbie and trying to learn on OpenWRT.
I have flash 19.07.2 via ASUS recovery, It it working fine.

I do have questions and want to know if it doable with RT-N56U.
First I want to bridge WAN and LAN if possible?
Second, change the role to manged switch with VLAN and AP(primary for guest SSID)?

In this way I can use WAN port as my uplink connection to my router/firewall with have DHCP and VLAN.
I want port 2 to tagged as vlan 101, port 3 tagged as vlan 102 and port 4 tagged as vlan 103.



So you basically want to make the router a switch with 5 ports,

If so, go to You should find VLAN 1 (that's your LAN) and VLAN 2 (WAN).

you need to do the following:

  1. In VLAN 1, change ports 2, 3 and 4 to Off, WAN port to Untagged.
  2. Change VLAN 2 to 101 and port 2 to Tagged.
  3. Create VLAN 102 and set port 3 to Tagged.
  4. Create VLAN 103 and set port 4 to Tagged.

Save and apply.

You would be left by some services that are no longer needed such as the firewall. When you are happy with the setup you can disable those if you want.

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Thanks mgehab,

Your steps made simple for me to configured.. Appreciate it your help.
I will connect with my router and go from there..


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