RT-N10 bricked, can i unbrick with tftpd?

i got old RT-N10 v2 router i downloaded FW_RT_N10Plus_2034.zip extracted RT-N10+_2.0.3.4.trx to tftpd folder and he don pool nothing , why? is that router can be fixed with tftpd?

The firewall on the tftp host is up ?

i allowed outbund and inbund in firewall for tftpd wich is afirmative since that i was on that pc unbricked wa901 i didnt restart pc all still runing, early these morning i was unbrick wa,, so i dont think pc i firewall are problem

problem is router dont bootloop its just light up one led

Then you'll need to sniff the traffic, see if it's actually making any requests, perhaps there's no tftp recovery for this device.

It's an EOL device here at Openwrt anyway.

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only change he make like he still something work is when i plug in lan in router other in pc is box is cycling in rigth bottom corner on winows 7 and that stops cyrcle

no recovery for old asus rt 10v2 ? i was thinking someting like that

router led is on, wps led blinking lan port is on .lan blinking slower than wps, maybe router not broken i dont remember i lost acces i though its brick, no wifi in air unknow with wifinfoview.exe

dont react on reset button all blinks same

wps led was stop blinking whe am go in room with pc and router on then, then i click wps button (i thought its reset like on wa901) was again to blinks, maybe device is not dead i dont know how to acces . and wont reset how could i sniff traffic i think on lan thans any way router give signal

Original Asus bootloader start its own tftp-server during recovery. So you should use tftp-client or Asus Recovery Utility

ok thank you but i can found where i cant download utility

Your sentence is somewhat unclear; but it seems as if you're asking where to download the utility.

The information is provided in the link posted here.

See: Steps 1-1 through Step 1-7 under the section entitled "1.Download and Install the utility".

Alternatively, for a TFTP utility, you can try one of these:

Hope this helps.

i found i will try later

> https://www.asus.com/supportonly/rt-ac68u/helpdesk_download/

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Discovery.exe dont see router and Rescue.exe dont see device so cant upgrade firmver

is that mean no fix for that router or is another way is?

to use tftpd as client? are the other settings same ok i will now try like that

how to set tftp as client for asus server help me

looks like i fixed ..

i did it with recovery

nice :slight_smile:

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