RT-AX53U: Question about the functions of the 802.11ax WiFi standard

hello. This year, the developers have delivered support for the ax standard. Will there be MU-MIMO, OFDMA and airtime fairness support in the future, or is everything so complicated there?

Well, kind sir, I'll have you know 802.11ax support in OpenWrt has been around since the beginning of 2021 at least :wink:.

Isn't that part of 802.11ac already? Apparently 802.11ax added client support for it whereas in 802.11ac it was only downstream (from the access point to the client). No idea to what extent it needs software support.

Apparently that is lots of marketing speak and next to no tangible benefits (look at the numbers for the closed drivers).

I believe mt76 already supports ATF.

Your question feels like a rehash of the marketing speak involved with 802.11ax, have you done any research on what is actually supported by the mac80211 wireless stack / mt76 driver at this point?

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If these are all marketing tricks, then I agree with you. The router feels better on openwrt than on asuswrt.

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