RT-AC51U as both wireless repeater and wired client?

I'm having terrible issues getting my WIFI working in the whole apartment. I can have good reception in a room but the speed and stability is terrible. I managed to get the RT-AC51U to play as a wireless client so the PC got connection with a Ethernet-cable but unfortunately the Chromecast and phones still have connection issues in one particular room. Can i somehow use this router to both play as a wireless repeater and wired client at the same time? Or what is my best option to fixing this?

My main router is a TP-Link Archer C7 which i don't cover my 95m² 1022.571ft² big apartment with, one of the biggest problem is that all my neighbors got wifi too. when i search for wifi in the room with least close neighbors i get around 25 different routers, in the worst room there are about 25.