RPi4b Cooling fan question

I've just repurposed my RPi4b as my OWRT router also running Samba and Adguard Home.. It has a great heatsink and fan which (using raspi-config) I used to be able to set a threshold for the fan to kick in.. Can it be setup again somehow to kick in at a set temp now it's using Openwrt?????

Recommend a fanless metal case which is more or less a giant heat sink. Even overclocked compiling, the thing stays under 60C for me. Real question is do you really need the added cooling. Coolers isn’t functionally better.

In reality I probably don't need it.. Been monitoring last few days and hasn't gone past 42C so all good.. was more a question to do with I have it so why not set it up if you can!

Just don't know if or how it could be done

Under heavy and sustained use the ethernet chip will get hot; so make sure your case cools it too.

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You need the following packages (assuming you are using GPIO controlled fan since you mentioned it's controllable with RPi OS):


Then you modify the /boot/config.txt to enable the fan at specified GPIO pin, as well as the desired temperature, this is the same on RPi OS or other working OS on Pi, raspi-config is just a nice UI doing that in background, so you can copy that config as well.


Thank you... Had the reqd files installed but forgot about the config txt editing... DOH !! :confounded:

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