RPi4, USB ethernet and bond


I use Openwrt on RPi4.

My core switch is from two Dell 5524 switches in a stack. In one switch is one ISP, in the other switch is the other ISP.
RPi4 is currently connected to master switch.
There are currently 3 vlans on eth0, eth0.XX, eth.YY for ISPs, eth0.ZZ for home (internal) network.
I plan to put a second network adapter on USB and make a bond, so if the master switch fails, RPi4 will continue to work.

Does anyone have experience with Usb ethernet adapters, as far as I understand one option is TP-Link UE300?

And anyone do bond from internal and usb ethernet adapter with vlan?

And is there a way to configure bond0 without using rc.local?



At least an idea where I can describe the bond, to load before the rc.local script.

I guess it is not expected to be implemented as a configuration.