Rpi4 imgabuilder missing bcm27xx-userland

i recently generated some images for testing with package and files option for rpi4 (owrt 21.02.0 image builder) and while testing around i noticed that vcgencmd command was missing. so i checked .config .packageinfo .targetinfo and for what i understand it should be installed/selected by default, but bcm27xx-userland was not installed in my image, also according to manifest file package was not installed. had to manually add bcm27xx-userland to package directive to have vcgencmd in my image. i've been using imagebuilder for a while for other platforms too and never had an issue. is this normal behavior or else? anyone had same issue? did i misread some instructions? i didn't do nothing special apart from make image PROFILE="rpi-4" PACKAGES="my packages list" FILES="files/"


I have always specifically included bcm27xx-userland in my package list - otherwise, it's not included

thank your for your feedback but looking at official image minifest it's included, also looking at image builder configuration files it should also be included

Package: bcm27xx-userland
Default: y if TARGET_bcm27xx

maybe this should be reported, i don't really know if it's normal behavior.

imagebuilder, without any "PACKAGES", doesn't create an official image ... it creates just enough of an image to work ... as far as I know, you don't need bcm27xx-userland for openWRT to work - you don't even get luci when you use imagebuilder - yet, luci is in the official image ...

so why should this one trivial package be any different :smiley:

I'd direct you to some documentation, but the wiki has been down all day

i'm aware of that :slight_smile: was just saying that bcm27xx-userland is included in official image (that's why i linked official manifest) and from what i understand looking at various configuration files in imagebuilder directory it should be included by default as a package (quoted part of code in previous post). it's not the same as your luci example.

So is luci and a few other packages - but they don't get included in image builder either - so what I'm saying is, that the manifest you linked to shows what is in the official image, not what's in the result of imagebuilder

I believe that

Default: y if TARGET_bcm27xx

Means that the package is built ... as a package ... when you do a full build - not that it is included in image builder result - I may be wrong, but I don't know what file you are referring to

edit: oh, that's in .packageinfo - which has nothing to do image builder

run make info to get a list of what the default packages are

image builder creates a minimal image by default, similar to the master snapshot images. The "release images" have additional packages added, like luci or something else depending on target.

The list of default packages added for that target (on top of the generic list of default packages that is the same for everyone) is https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/blob/master/target/linux/bcm27xx/Makefile

	bcm27xx-gpu-fw \
	kmod-usb-hid \
	kmod-sound-core kmod-sound-arm-bcm2835 \
	kmod-fs-vfat kmod-nls-cp437 kmod-nls-iso8859-1 \
	partx-utils mkf2fs e2fsprogs

There is no bcm27xx-userland in there so no it will not be included by imagebuilder unless you add it to the list of PACKAGES="..."

so it seems that it was just me giving to much importance to bcm27xx-userland (vcgencmd), thank you both for clearing my mind :partying_face:

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