RPI4/CM4 Snapshots missing ethernet driver

root@office:/lib/modules/5.15.84# zcat /proc/config.gz | grep GENET

Am I missing which kmod package this driver has been moved to?

This provides the bcmgenet driver used for the stock CM4/RPI4 Ethernet driver.

I'm using the DFrobot router board with my CM4.

Luckily recent kernel updates add the other driver I need for the other Ethernet interface on this board by default!

But that doesn't help me get the main interface up...

(On raspberry pi kernels,CONFIG_BCMGENET=y is set.)

have you tried latest 22.03.2 stable ?

It is a bug:

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And if you try to build a custom image with the missing modules, using the online image builder?

I already have a temporary workaround. (I'm using an external USB lan card.)

The root cause appears to be another module causing the default RPI nic driver to be toggled to built as module from built always, as per the fantastic debugging earlier this morning: