Rpi4 and MT7612U - possible bug?

Trying to set up MT7612U device with RPI4B.
Device is recognized fine, but on OpenWrt 21.02.0-rc3, via luci, channel cannot be changed.
Another thing is - on every settings change, reboot needs to be done otherwise it says that device is disabled.

Is this expected with usb device with MT612U chip or this is still WIP?

And i have to say, speed of luci and openwrt in general on rpi4 is amazing. i think i will use it as a main router. Hopefully it will be able to support 2-3 wireguard vpn connections with ease.

Same device on ubuntu x86 with hostapd manual config works fine, but caps at 400mbit/s on 2m distance.

Hi , did you resolve this? Can you share how?

Unfortunately, no. Switched to Ubuntu.

Might be checking this again when new version comes out.

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