RPi 4 + AP (Archer C7) or TP Link Archer C2600 for Low latency gaming?

Hello everyone. I deal with high ping and online lag spikes while gaming. I have 2 PS4's and a switch in the household. At the moment I live in a apartment with 3 other people. Currently using a single eero pro mesh router but plan to move to a bigger apartment soon. I have spectrums 200/10 plan all together there will be 10+ devices connect. A few hardwired, everything else WiFi.

I'm trying to decide wether to get the RPi 4 & use my old TP Link router for WiFi or just buy a TP Link Archer C2600. Any suggestions guys? Thanks for reading.

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RPi4 is more powerful and cheaper compared to the C2600 and will cover you for a longer time. But the Wifi is not even up to comparison. So if you are happy with the WiFi from C7 you can buy the RPi4 and a USB3 to Ethernet adapter. Then connect them all to the switches and the C7 (in dumbAP mode).

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Thanks for the response. That's a good point it'll be better in the long run. I'm sorry I don't quite understand the placement of everything. Does it go like this: modem > RPi4 > C7

Modem connected to ethernet port on RPi4 then USB 3.0 adapter to connect C7, so the ethernet ports on the C7 will be able to be used?

@dlakelan is using RPi and has done some thorough testing as far as I know. He was suggesting to use the RPi USB to Ethernet adapter for the modem connection, and make the RPi onboard Ethernet port for the AP connection.


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I have my setup like this
ISP - USB3toEth (RPi4) Eth0 - Switch
In your case you could use the C7 as a switch.


that's right. I think the onboard Ethernet connected to the LAN and the USB connected to the WAN is the way to go. this way if the USB is down for any reason you can still connect from the LAN side and debug. Also someone else mentioned some speed advantages which might be relevant if you provide services from the router such as file server


Makes prefect sense.

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