Rpcd timeout is not work for file exec

OpenWrt 19.07.7, r11306-c4a6851c72

run rpcd:
25111 root 2272 S /sbin/rpcd -s /var/run/ubus.sock -t 120

write a test.sh for only sleep
strong text

ubus call the shell, it will return timeout abount 30s, event i have change rpcd timeout to 120
ubus call file exec '{"command":"/tmp/test.sh"}'
Command failed: Request timed out

update: print rpcd source code file.c *ops->exec_timeout is 120000 ms

The ubus cli client has its own timeout, it defaults to 30 seconds.

Solution: ubus -t 120 call file exec '{"command":"/tmp/test.sh"}'

:100: Great!!!!

update: if you want to change Luci ubus timeout, look below

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