RP4 + Dumb AP + Unmanaged Switch...what is the right setup?

What is the correct option to go with out of the two options

My current router is on its' last leg and I have a RP4 that I could put into work. Looking for advice on what is the best way to use the RP4 as the primary router. My current setup uses DDWRT. I have the DDWRT router connected to unmanaged switch. I can connect ethernet device to ports on the unmanaged switch and DDWRT router without issues. I am looking for the easiest way to get the same functionality out of the RP4 option.

I'd go for option 2, but it doesn't really matter.

You already figured it out, get a USB NIC.

Thanks frolic. So with the second option, I shouldn't need to do VLANs, right?

And the RP4 should be powerful enough to run a wireguard server/ad block service/Samba4 for NAS, right? ( sorry for the multiple questions, i just didnt want to create am extra pisting just to ask this separate question).

You can do VLAN-s on all gigabit switches, just that any physical port will have all of them

Yes; it can handle a lot.

Sorry , what do you mean by this statement? NEWBIE HERE LOL

Vlans will not beisolated and equally tagged on all ports.

Lol that went over my head which is why i am trying to avoid VLANs

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This is not necessarily true. Only managed switches are designed for VLANs.

Unmanaged switches may or may not work properly -- the behavior for VLANs through an unmanaged switch is undefined. It may work fine (in terms of passing the tags), but it may cause problems (sometimes minor, some may be major issues). Further, even if the unmanaged switch passes the tags without choking, there is no way to set per-port vlan membership and to create access ports. Basically all ports become trunks and you cannot change the tagged/untagged status of the VLANs on any given port.

Therefore, when planning to pass VLANs through a switch, it should be a managed device. And it must be a managed switch if per-port VLANs need to be set.

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Especially unmanaged switches >8 ports are often lobotomized managed switch SOCs, hard-strapped into unmanaged mode, no flash nor RAM attached, which promises for 'interesting' results when encountering tagged packets…

While a lot of things might work, if all stars are aligned correctly, this a sure recipe for disaster. Only VLAN aware devices (such as managed switches) should ever get exposed to packets with VLAN tags, unmanaged switches can still be used on leaf access ports (with only untagged traffic).

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