Routing with OpenVPN or Wireguard

Hello Everyone,

I wonder if anyone could offer advice, or a pointer to a good how to please? My routing is set up perfect for my network through OpenWRT, and all clients work well. However I'd like to set up a new OpenVPN interface on the modem (BT HomeHUB 5) and just route specific ports over that address, or routes from a specific internal address if I cannot be so granular about ports?

I'd like to set up a VPN route from my home to my work place, so I can continue working from home. I would like to create a new port on the modem that connects to the vpn, using openvpn (wireguard if poss) and route traffic for specific destinations over that whilst not damaging normal traffic out the house by pushing that over the vpn interface.

In tests I've found the openvpn interface became the default for all traffic, pushing all my data through works network.

Should I be looking at IPtables, or something deeper?



Given that the bthub5 is already marginal for its primary purpose, your VPN usage is a difficult extra burden - from a performance point of view, wireguard would be a better choice than OpenVPN here.

Thanks folks, I'm looking at another solution...
Cheers tho

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