Routing/NAT Offloading

I currently have 1gbps internet, i have run Iperf via LAN side and this transfers at over 900mbps

but the WAN side im only getting 400mbps

Its been suggested I enable Software flow offloading

but when i do this i get the below

Could someone advise, router is a TPlink Archer C2 AC750


What's the issue?

I don't see any problems.

Is there no Save/Apply button to commit the displayed changes?

I click save, it says applying settings, then its still at the top as unsaved changes

I presumed as its in red means it cant apply settings?

Did you hit Save or Apply?

No, red means remove/rearrainge/delete (as it clealy notes). In this case it's rearranging the the syn flood setting. That's OK.

found issue, memory was at 1% had to factory reset