Routing/NAT Offloading problem

Model: TP-Link Archer C60
OpenWrt: 23.05.3 (r23809-234f1a2efa)
Good morning lads.
I would like to disable the following options:

1)Software flow offload
2)Hardware flow offloading

When I go to give the save and apply command it's as if it does nothing.
By connecting in SSH I tried to modify the firewall configuration file returning the result file in read-only mode.
I'm asking for help as I don't want to ruin my Wireguard VPN setup with Surfshark client.
The configured VPN provides a maximum of 30 Mbps download and 10 uploads.
The Archer C60 router is cascaded onto Vodafone Station 6, LAN-WAN connection.
On the Vodafone router it reaches 1.8 GB which is why it seems strange to me that the C60 reaches 30 MB in VPN (Without VPN 90).
Thanks so much to anyone who will give me a hand

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There are multiple things to cope:

Your router has small flash rom, once space is full you cannot install anything and configuration becomes read-only. You can integrate VPN client via firmware-selector, probably some space-saving measures from 4/32 8/64 guides.

The router really does not have CPU to handle VPN at serious speed, while sounds security related firewall cannot help traffic encryption at all.

The firewall offload - C6V1 v2 support only software offload, which means forwarding will take 2-3 times less CPU, i.e you will be able to achieve 200-250Mbps NAT without encryption. Hardware offload V3 - packet translation will be ran outside SoC CPU, more throughput, but depends on particular hardware, now free CPU will still not make VPN run at light speed.

The most important is to manage flash space so that it never grows full, for the rest - offload will make some aspects faster, but sometimes whole system less stable.

thank you very much, my memory for software and applications is 3 MB. in the configuration I saw that there are about 27 MB for the tmps. Is there any option to share more equitably? Thank you very much again for your availability and sorry for the inconvenience

tmp is just RAM, it's not flash space.

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There is 8MB of permanent flash memory think of computer storage to install software, and 64MB of RAM memory to run it. To save permanent space temporary files are put in relatively plentiful RAM, there is no more readjustment possible. Just follow that your free overlay space does not grow over half full.