Routing IPv6 independantly


Does anyone know if OpenWRT can route/forward IPv6 packets independant of IPv4 status?

I'm asking because my IPv4 is down, and my IPv6 is up.
My router assigns IPv4 DNS ( to DHCP clients, and IPv6 DNS (2001:4860:4860::8888) to DHCPv6 clients.

If IPv4 is down on the ISP side (and therefore, there is no IPv4 DNS or IPv4 address), can OpenWRT still route the IPv6 packets?

The reason I ask is I want to ensure that IPv4 and IPv6 can work independent of each other on my systems, and I want to ensure I configure my router correctly for such a scenario.

Yep, IPv4 and IPv6 are supposed to work independently by default.
Assuming that you use native IPv6 and not some 6in4 transitioning.

The problem is that ISP typically serves both IP protocols using the same hardware.
Thus, when one is down the other is most likely also down.

Another problem is that many sites are still IPv4-only.
But this can be worked around with a dual-stack VPN.

To verify your connectivity, put down the WAN or WAN6 interface.
And use the other interface to browse the internet.


Ok, thank you for the advice!

I've been using native IPv6 for many years already, and no, it's not some 6in4 transitioning.

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