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hello, evryone, i now lern about openwrt, in here iam ia newbie, i need help about 1case.
i have 1pcs openwrt router i has flasing with OpenWrt 19.07.5 r11257-5090152ae3 karnel, now i place 2 modem usb in 2usb port.
how to sparate the trafick, ex: i need youtube,facebook and chat using line modem 1 and another traffick to modem nuber2, how its impossible, and how to config like it, thankyou before...

Typically, you would use mwan3 to manage the two links and route traffic over them and dnsmasq with ipsets to populate an ipset containing the names of the domains you wish to route down modem1.

mwan3 then looks at the ipsets and if something matches one of the entries, it will route down modem1 or route down modem2 if no match (assuming you have setup the rules correctly).

If you're new to Openwrt, this is a non-trivial use-case.

There is a learning curve and you will need to do some reading of the wiki before you attempt to set it up. mwan3 in particular is not intuitively obvious to setup.


Thanks, for answer... You can help me to find some wikilink forme to lern openwrt specificly about mwan3, or you can make a sample about the rule, i can lern step by step base on your sample, for place to system firewall openwrt, Thanks...

I gave you the wiki links in my reply above

Ok.. Will go to the link, thakyou....

This case category simmilar with loadbalance and fail over? Work base on loadbalancer?