Routing Broadcasts across subnets/networks


Is it possible to route broadcasts across subnets/networks with openwrt? What software do I need for it?

For testing I've just splitted into /2x25 subnets. I'm able to ping and have direct access (ssh, etc. working) between the clients. But some software e. g. Minidlna or Syncthing is relying on broadcasts ... and ofc they are sending out only to 127 respectively to 255 dependig on subnet the client(s) belong.

i would not put it past "possible" but NO!

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broadcast should NEVER leave the subnet, by definition it is reaching all hosts in the subnet.
for correct solution, see also => use multicasts.

while autodiscovery will likely not work, most filesahre services will work fine across subnets if routing between them is allowed.

just enter the ip-address/hostname of the service on your client

Thx, for the fast reply guys!

@fuller: I thought that it's not possible already. But Google was "unsure".

@wtuppa: I've read this article already. Thx.

E. g. for Syncthing I've read that they send out broadcasts on ipv4 only and multicasts for ipv6 only. There is not "button" or sth. else to change that behaviour for ipv4 and I don't have ipv6.

With direct IP I've already tried for syncthing. It's not working.
For Minidlna it is working. SSH and SAMBA is working too.
I think the only option I could try is to setup up a local relay server for syncthing. the global server I don't want to use.

Thx and Greetings.

i dont see why it would not when ssh/samba do.
plz ask in syncthing forums