Routing Between VLANs with Different Networks

I have 5 VLANs on my OpenWRT router, VLAN10 is my "secure" VLAN and all the rest are considered insecure. I have the following zone setups:

All VLANs are 10.0.x.x networks, VLAN10 is and VLAN40 is etc.

If you look at the forwarding on zone0_10 (VLAN10) you'll see it can access all the other VLANs, but none of the other VLANs can access VLAN10. There are also traffic rules for VLAN20-40 to enable DHCP and internet access.

It all works perfectly as intended, until I change the network in VLAN40 to and then I can no longer access it from VLAN10. From VLAN10 I can ping the VLAN40 base address but nothing else on the network is accessible. Surely different VLANs can have different networks? How can reopen my VLAN10 ( access to VLAN40 ( one way only as it was originally?

I'll answer my own question but leave the post up in case it helps someone someday. I simply created a traffic rule to forward everything from VLAN10 to VLAN40. Works fine, and VLAN40 is still isolated and restricted as before:

I still don't understand why my zone rules took care of this when both VLANs were in the 10.0.x.x network, but it required a traffic rule when I changed VLAN40 to But I won't argue with success....

Check persistent and runtime firewall config:

uci show firewall; iptables-save