Routing between two lan

I have openwrt ( with two interface lan (192.168.1.) and wireguard (10.0.0.).
(Not using wan)

if i ping ip address from router, to lan ( or wireguard ( all work fine.

On the computer with address, i make static route to 10.0.0.* throw

Ping to not working, reason "Destination Net Unreachable".
How i enable ip forwarding between two lans in the openwrt?

Routes should be added to the routers, not individual clients.

hi, what is your zone setup pls?

hi, what is your zone setup pls?

LAN, wan not used.

if both networks are pinged from the router normally, then I will assume that the route through openwrt is incorrectly registered on the client PC

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did you assign any zone to wg interface?
you might need to create/add zone and set lan -> wg zone forwarding accept rule.

no, i forgot :tired_face:
After I fix the config (zone and mascarading for wireguard + forwarding rules), ping and traceroute worked. But http/https traffic not stil working :frowning:

i use this article: