Routers with detachable antenna

I am looking for a router/AP that has only one antennae and that antenna has to be detachable with an SMA or RP-SMA connector.
Ideally an ax router/AP but ac or n are also ok.
Any recommendation?
Thanks a lot!

really ax or ac router and one antenna? i'm missing something?

Haha, I know... I am trying something by adding a long cable between the AP and its antenna. I also need the throughput to be as high as possible. So I just wrote down ax and ac in the post regardless of reality...
802.11n is also ok.
Any recommendation?

You might get better results If you use a POE AP and run a LAN cable instead of long antenna cable.

Thanks for the tip!
I am doing some experiment that requires a coaxial cable between the AP/router and the antenna, with analog RF signal transmitted inside the coaxial cable.

take a look at GL-AR150-Ext Mini Travel Router

Thanks a lot Bricco! That's what I am looking for! I am placing orders now :smiley: