Routers USB port, can it be used for external wifi adapter?

Why this question?, since my dlink router's wifi chip stopped working, there is no repair and replacement service, reset, tried different firmware's, connected through serial port on board, all ended as useless.

But Ethernet/Lan is working fine, so wanted to know, If external wifi adapter can be attached to router's usb port and used as, to transmit wifi signals, this will make router more useful.

will appreciate comments and help.


Technically speaking, yes - but…

USB2 on many routers, especially slightly older ones, is not really fast enough to keep up with wireless throughput - and at the same time taxes your router CPU quite massively.

Many USB wireless cards don't support AP mode (especially the ones you'll find most commonly, realtek ones).

Even if you do find one (and assuming your router is fast enough to keep up with a USB attached wireless card), the results will not be acceptable. USB wireless cards (firmware, drivers, even the hardware) aren't designed with neither AP mode, nor continuous operations in mind, as a result AP mode is generally ('always') unstable and unreliable, the sticks tend to overheat, the tiny PCB antennas are weak and too close to each other for MIMO to work. At the end of the day, you pay more for a half-decent (but still crappy) USB wireless card, than you would for a low-end single-band router (and if you were looking for dual-band wireless, you'd need two USB wireless cards with even more problems) brandnew and delivered to your doorstep and even quite decent concurrent dual-band routers are already within that general price range (especially on the used markets).

Save yourself the trouble and check the used markets for an OpenWrt supported router instead, give your old one the chance for retirement in a cozy recycling centre.


I understand, but paid a haftey amount for this machine, hard to give up.

Dlink 895l- Ac5300

With Usb 2 and 3 port.

I have a extra single band wifi adapter, so I was thinking why not give a try.

Looking forward for any guide or tutorial.

Thanks for your detailed answer.