RouterBoard RB951G-2HND - no Wi-Fi access point mode

Hi, I have a MikroTik RouterBoard RB951G-2HND running the latest lede reboot image installed via the standard initramfs+sysupgrade method. So far, everything works, except wi-fi access point. Wi-Fi client works, ethernet, USB, OpenVPN even. But wi-fi access point mode does not. It says it does, though. It says Gallifrey.Net is enabled, etc, but the network never shows up on any of my devices. Any suggestions?

I am afraid, I cannot help you with your issue, but I would like to hear, if your RB951G is rev1/rev2 or rev3 as described here

I have a rev3 and have never had success with tftp boot on a initramfs from LEDE, like covered in this thread

which leaves me on OpenWRT without LEDE's new developments.