Routerboard 493G with miniPCI WLAN Cards

The Upgrade from OpenWRT 15 to LEDE 17.01.4 worked easily. But it won't detect my WiFi Cards.

What should I do or what do I need to install, that they worked?
I tried Artheros, Intel and Realtek Cards. No is detected.

Thanks for help.

For devices that just have mini-pcie Slots but no wlan cards from the factory the generated firmware images don't have any wlan kernel modules/ firmwares preinstalled, you need to install them via opkg yourself.

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Thanks for your response.

Where can I find the packeages or URLs?

The internal package list is used. First after every reboot you need to download it with opkg update. Then use opkg list | grep atheros for example. If you are not sure which driver is used with your card, check the mainstream Linux documentation at

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