Router with SIM Card and redirect to webpage from specific computer

I'm no expert on LTE but the Teltonika 955 is only CAT4 and limited to 150Mbit/s isn't there merit in getting a higher spec proprietary LTE router/modem and placing in bridge mode (or equivalent) and coupling to an OpenWrt router? For example the B818-263 is CAT19 and offers features that in the right conditions will give very high throughput.

See e.g. here:

I'm open minded - if there's a better product out there than the B818-263 or particular benefit in having OpenWrt on router w/ modem then I will switch over.

For industrial grade openwrt devices, I only use EC-25 or MC7455, depending upon required speed.

B818-263 seems like to option for me... seems for me too big and i want to built the router inside a device....
Teltonika 955 seems OK, but if it´s not working with Open Wrt it´s for me a show stopper...

It might be a good idea, to update to give a WARNING to the public.

@frollic @vished
I have found a solution to the problem. It is possible to flash RUT955, and probably any Teltontika device via ssh

  1. Login
  2. Upload the image
  3. Use sysupgrade -F /tmp/IMAGENAME this will ignore the checksum function that the bootloader is using.
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