Router with SFP slot

Hello can you advice the cheaper router with a SPF slot that can be compatible with openwrt?

ubiquiti edgerouter x sfp? ( only one i've seen available generally )
cisco (secondhand?) in bridgemode might be an option....

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Thanks that's interesting!
Do you know any other with wifi? (for home use)

RB2011-UiAS-2HnD-IN has Wi-Fi, 10 Ethernet ports (5x 100M, 5x 1G) and SFP slot.

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See also Devices with SFP, supported by OpenWrt


Looking at that list, not all listed devices will be able to actually achieve full line speed of SFP/ SFP+, at least not in all reasonably expectable configurations (e.g. the ath79/ ar71xx ones).

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Be aware that OpenWrt does not support the SFP port on most of the devices on that list, so read each device's wiki pages carefully.


FRITZ!Box 5530 is pretty good but not cheap (probably cuz the 2.5G ethernet). Also, SFP are really just miniaturised routers capable of being flashed with OpenWrt. See here.