Router with same SOC but not LEDE supported? RT-AC3200


I was looking for a good router (actually a TOP router, lol), and I could find RT-AC3200 in China with free shipping to my country for less than 226 USD.

But looking in compatibility table, this ASUS RT-AC3200 is not supported, although his brother with same chipset is (RT-AC87U) =/.

Is that common? Should it be supported or some small details can remove it's compatibility with LEDE?

Also, I'm thinking those routers are too much for a good 4G LTE (90~130 MB/s down speed).
Probably the right customer for this kind of router are people with FTH 1 Gigabit connection, right?

Could someone advice me a good router with 5Ghz AC with good range (I mean, GOOD, ours walls here are made of bricks, not thin wood), I mean, what wifi speed should be 1200 / 1900 / 2400 / 3200 for a 4G LTE 90~130 MB/s?

BTW: I need USB port because I'll tether from an old android device via USB :smiley:

Most routers need some individual special handling, that could be as simple as adding the correct hardware id, up to quite major quirks and changes - no one knows, until someone experience gets their hands on it. That said, ASUS RT-AC87U and ASUS RT-AC3200 aren't really that similar to each other.

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