Router with OpenWrt to connect to WISP

I connect to the internet via a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) using a Leguang LG-N120 USB wifi adapter/dongle connected directly to my PCs USB port. In order to gain internet access I have to login to a Captive Portal/landing page.

I want to share the internet connection with other devices but not at the same time just different locations outside of the WiFi adapters cable length and or connector type. Can anyone suggest some routers that can be configured using OpenWRT that would be suitable for this?

Many thanks

I guess any router with USB port will do the job.

Not all USB wifi adapters have an OpenWrt driver. Is there some reason to continue to use this adapter rather than the built in wifi of a router? A CPE type router is designed for long-distance links, it has a more powerful transmitter and a directional antenna built in.

Also consider the connection sharing feature of the PC's OS. It may be all you need for this case.

Apologies for the delay in replying unfortunately I relied on email notification of forum response being forwarded but an error meant this did not happen.

[AndrewZ] The router has to provide the PC with the WiFi adapter drivers in order to work and I haven't found one yet that does this. The only routers that I have found are only suitable for connecting 3G/4G and presumably now 5G adapters, I need one suitable for an 802.11 adapter.

[mk24] The reason I want to use the USB WiFi adapter I have is because it is a 14db high gain device, which only works on the margins of reception. The CPE type routers don't appear to be capable of such high gain.

Using the PC's Win10 Hotspot feature only just about works but is verrrry slow presumably because the source connection is only marginal.

The Leguang LG-N120 USB wifi adapter uses the Ralink 3070 chip, which was quite common a few years ago so I was hoping that OpenWRT and a suitable router would be the answer. It also has a a directional antenna

Take almost any router with USB port.
I suppose your driver is rt2800usb, see How to figure out which driver should I use with my usb wifi adapter - #3 by AndrewZ

The drivers listed in Device Manager are:

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At present I can't access the link (How to figure out which driver should I use with my usb wifi adapter) you provided as it will not load; this may be a problem my end with the marginal internet connection I have. I'll try again later.