Router with Huawei e3372 stick

I started another configuration on my pc with openwrt. I plugged a Huawei e3372 stick version, with mode 1 disable. So NCM on wwan. The e3372 led is stable, so the connection is OK. There is Wan ip address corresponding to a lte cell. It is seen as a modem.

I have a lan with static ip on the ethernet interface of the pc.
I can access to luci from this lan.

In diagnostic panel I can ping Google.

My problem: I cannot access the internet from my pc. I configured the firewall as attended.
Maybe I have a problem with the gateway ip address? The field is empty in Lan interface.
Thank you!

Static IP means you manually have to add the DNS IPs.
... and default gw.

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I think I have filled the dns because in diagnostic panel I can access openwrt.

What is the ip of the gateway I have to type in the lan zone? I have a static ip for the lan port, and a static ip for the pc connected to it.

I don't understand how the junction of data is done between zones. Because I think I correctly filled the firewall configuration

@frollic is saying that on the PC, the gateway and DNS need to be pointed at the router. Or you can use a third party DNS.

The default firewall will work if you put the modem in a network named 'wan' (note lower case), since that network name is already in the wan zone. Otherwise you need to add the modem's network (wwan, usb0, etc) to the wan zone.

Pinging numeric locations from the PC does not depend on any DNS.

I did that. I think I have to fill the gateway ip address field of the lan panel. but where can I find this address? What is the address of the gateway seen on lan side?

It's the LAN IP of your router.

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Thank you for your help.
I made some mistakes! I thought that I have to fill the gateway address in the router lan configuration.
When I filled the PC gateway field with the address of the LAN router, and I also filled the PC DNS field with, it works, I can now access Internet from my PC.

Why do I need to fill also the PC DNS field, when the diagnostic panel of OpenWrt return success for ping command?

Thank you!

When you set up a PC with static IP, it doesn't automatically configure anything. It doesn't know where the gateway router is unless you set it on the PC. And repeat for each PC in the network. Very few networks are actually run that way, it is much more sustainable to leave the PCs on DHCP and control the network with the DHCP server.

OpenWrt itself can reach the Internet because it knows what the next gateway is by DHCP from the modem.