Router with good range Wifi

I want to experiment with SQM mainly and test out how much it can help network congestion on my end. Currently have 50 down and 10 up but I would love it to be future proof (up to 200 down and 50 up) and handle a household of up to 4 people. Wifi preferrably with a good range but doesn't need to be fast.
Should have at least 2 LAN Ports.

Up to 150€ I would say but If what I need is available for 50€ or less that would be great.
I was looking at something like the GL-AXT1800 (or maybe a cheaper model?) but idk if it can support SQM from OpenWrt. I just prefer a buy and done option to a custom firmware override one but maybe thats not available. Either way I hope you can help me with the search.

Did you see that one listed as supported at

Hint: it isn't at this point, and if it ever will be, it will take a long time.

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No but it is based on OpenWrt and has similar applications that can be used as far as I know

If that's what you're looking for, you'd need to ask the vendor, we can't help you with devices that have no OpenWrt support (and won't get it anytime soon, the whole target would require heaps of work that hasn't even begun).

Again any other recommendation is appreciated as well

What about belkin 3200/ Linksys E8450?

or the WAX202.

I can get that one, sadly the one from KOA isn't available here. You know if this Netgear Router will handle 200 down 50 up with SQM? I've heared they need certain processor specs so this is possible.

no idea, I doubt it.

the WAX202 is pretty new, so there's not a lot info/posts about it.
you might try in Netgear WAX202 WiFi 6 $30 at Amazon

Budget and location?

I recommend Xiaomi AX3200 / Redmi AX6S

Budget was mentioned (~150€) location is Germany

Seems great but the Xiaomi version is easier to get here and that could perhaps not support OpenWrt

I would strongly suggest going modular -

  1. Raspberry Pi 4b (2gb is more than enough ram - price should be 50 - 100 euros)

  2. Passive cooling case for Raspberry Pi - I bought the Flirc Pi 4 encosure for 24 euros.

  3. Good SD card for the Pi - SanDisk Extreme 32GB microSD Card - 15 euros

  4. Raspberry PI comes with only one LAN - you will need to buy a USB3 ethernet port for your WLAN port. TPlink 300 - 30 euros.

  5. Access point - Belkin RT3200 for excellent wifi - I bought it for around 59 euros, but I don't live in Germany.

Do not buy the pi from amazon - they are just inflating the price. Go on and pre-order from there.

You will easily SQM 900 Mbits with this setup. I was very hesitant to go modular as having an all in one is super convenient. However, my previous all in one (Linksys MR8300), could only push 180Mbits/s while running wireguard VPN (without SQM). When we get into this territory of speed with SQM, I think raspberri PI 4 and a modular setup are the best way forward.

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International version is supported and you can check in the table of supported hardware*%7E%5D=xiaomi

"Some early production units were shipped with telnet enabled from factory, but later devices started shipping with telnet disabled, thus making impossible to install OpenWrt. "

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Thank you for explanation

What about Askey RT4230W REV6 / RAC2V1K?

I bought one from ebay and total cost was 66 UDS including shipping from USA to Iraq might be a temp solution, for now.
once upgraded, check if it fulfills your requirements, if not, repurpose as AP,
and get a better one for the actual routing.