Router with 802.3at support


Is there any router that would output 802.3at POE ? I'd like to get ride of my switch and just have a router to power my AP but they need



Router/AP that supplies PoE?

That's a little unusual. I had good luck with the GigE Trendnet injectors in the past. Checking my orders, it looks like they were the TPE-113GI units. Trendnet appearently has a TPE-115GI now as well. Current Amazon US pricing it about $18 and $28 respectively.

Oh - I must have overlooked the "supplies" part.
Disregard the above link to the toh, since "PoE supply" is not listed there.

Take a look at MikroTik. IIRC some of their devices had also PoE output.

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not at, but passive, edgerouter x
and use a splitter at the end