Router with 2 STA + 1AP simultaneously


I'm looking to connect to 2 WiFi networks as WAN and share that connection over another SSID no matter the last network channel will be.

Is there any router out there which supports having 2 interfaces as STA at the same time? If not what routers could support adding a second card through USB? Will a raspberry pi with an external card do the job?



If the WANs are on different channels, no. All SSIDs must be on the same channel, or different bands (5.4 vs 2.4).

How can I find those? Which ones are them?

I meant that I'm looking to have 2 interfaces as STA connecting to networks on different channels or bands but I don't really care about what channel or band I use as AP. I'm just looking to combine 2 WiFi networks in to one.

Are you just extending the 2 wifi networks or something else?

I'm willing to merge both networks to improve the upstream bandwidth, I can't change the configuration of the networks I will connect to.

I assumed your doing this for redundancy so if one link dies it will switch over to the next which you could manage with one active connection at a time.

But for bandwidth, you will be effectively halving each link and then combing to get the average of the two at best.

I am thinking if you have good coverage a better solution would be to connect your clients directly to either of the two wifi networks and split them evenly or let the devices choose independently

Not really, we are tied to DSL and upstream is very poor (800 kbps per link). We have 2 different lines set up at two different offices which are closeby and I was looking at using a router to connect to both as client and then share the connection on a new network as AP. I know there's things like mwan3 that should do the work and manage load balancing and I'm aware I will not get double the upstream bandwidth unless I use different ip streams.

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Can you please give me advice on how to find these?

In the future, you may wish to open a new thread - or not wait so long to inquire...

From personal experience, I know WiFi cards that use the ath9k driver are capable of multiple STA connections.

Hope this helps.

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