Router very powerful triple core proc compatible OpenWrt

Good evening everyone, is there an openwrt compatible router with a 1.5ghz triple processor like for example netgear xr1000 and if not can you develop some to make it compatible, thank you all

absolutely, as soon as the devs are back from their search for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
it'll cover most of the dev costs involved.

and don't blindly stare at core counts and GHz:es, it doesn't really say much about the performance of a SoC.


if you need that level of power just buy a x86 system (a mini pc) with multiple network interfaces

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interesting, do you have a proposed x86 model?

the Lenovo m90n IoT is a cool device, although currently seriously overpriced.

The i3-8145U model have been as low as $200, new.

you can search for "firewall pfsense intel" on ebay or aliexpress or amazon, and you will get a bunch of black industrial mini-PCs with many network interfaces. They are not specific for pfsense, it's just a mini pc with a BIOS like all PCs and you can install OpenWrt or whatever you want in it.

The RPi4 is faster than or at least similar speed the j1900 boxes and typically a little cheaper. Use the money saved to get a 24 port smart switch. If you need multigigabit ability, LAG a couple USB Ethernet with the on board Ethernet.

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and enjoy your WAN port being capped at 650 Mbit because USB intterupts on raspi are mapped to a single core only and that's the best it can do.

If you are paying that kind of money it has to do full gigabit or gtfo, at least in my opinion.

If you want to do full gigabit with raspberry you need to use the computer module 4 and this carrier board or another (if existing) where the network controller is on the PCIe lanes (this means you lose the USB 3.0 ports but at least it's a good router now)

Btw, a honorable mention for the switch is to look for Mikrotik switches, they have great features for the price and they also usually are fanless and silent.

Ummm no not at all. RPi4 does gigabit with SQM at like 15% of one core with appropriate USB Ethernet hardware

RPi4 routing performance numbers

Ah yes, after you won the dongle roulette and got a dongle that does not suck (i.e. does not overheat and lock up if loaded) and is also using a Realtek chipset

I think we have already established that with default OpenWrt image the ASIX ethernet chipsets and also Microchip's LAN7800 ethernet chipset (what is integrated in another "router" board for the Raspi and also a common choice for Raspi boards and devices as it is the one integrated in Raspi 3, see at 10:45 for a graph about speeds)
need tweaking to even get above 650 Mbit/s

I think that at least mentioning that "not all dongles are good and you need to follow recommended list" is in order


I'm coming off as mildly annoyed because I kind of am. You are passing a solution that requires knowledge most people don't have and some trial and error as a "better" solution than just getting a device where you install OpenWrt and everything is 100% working fine OOTB.
Especially at the prices we are talking about.

My impression is based on where you buy your mini x86 box issues with bios/firmware and EFI only booting and counterfeit parts and reliability of the cheap memory or etc are all issues that can make x86 not "just work"

If I were putting together a business solution id definitely look at x86 boxes and try to determine reliability and etc but I wouldn't expect it to just work out of the box without some confirmation from someone who had done it. That's why I put up those performance test numbers so people could get access to real world experience.

Sorry if I annoyed you. The truth is I wrote that little blurb while out walking my nutball hunting dog who was giving me not much time to compose anything more detailed between charging after squirrels and rabbits and lizards.

Absolutely it can be developed. Pls transfer $200K in bitcoins and I'll get the ball rolling. You'll have the finished board fully developed and tested within 120 days.

It is maybe not what you are looking for, but I have a bunch of Gateworks Ventana (GW-5410) units that are 1 GHz by 4 Cores. They run real well but get hot if you don't give them a fan. A simple 1.25 inch fan blowing across the board keeps the temps under 120F

It only has 2 Ethernet but has 6 mini PCIe slots. Memory is 512 MB with 256 MB Flash. One of the PCIe Slots can be configure for a mSata device and it makes a decent little file server.

This model was built for an embedded WISP solution using the 6 mini PCIe slots for wifi radios, so it does not have video or audio and the serial ports were not stuffed.

The project never went forward and these are surplus and about 6 years old, although are new and never used. I have nearly 400 sitting in storage and if you want one or more I can dig them out. I would like $100 each and will entertain an offer of less if the quantity is high. Using the Gateworks jtag on a Linux box you can access a serial port for console and of course can jtag the board if a build goes wrong.


if you can ? thanks