Router unreachable?


Im brainblocked and cant figure it out what im doing wrong.
i cant reach my 2nd router when im connected behind my first router.
my setup is: 1st router ip sub gateway
my 2nd is : ip sub gateway
dhcp is handled by the 1st and disabled by the 2nd.

any sugestions?

How have you connected the routers?
via a LAN port at the second (slave) router?
(If 2nd router is connected via its wan port you might have double NAT and identical subnets on both wan and lan side of the 2nd router... )

Read dumb AP advice.
E.g. at Not accessible after disabling DHCP

Its from LAN 2 LAN.
Does the IP oft the 2nd Router have to be in the range of the DHCP by the 1st?

No. It has a fixed address, so the DHCP range has no revance, as long as the address is inside the same subnet defined by netmask.

But I wonder why you have specified gateway at router1? (or have you?)
Its wan should pick up the wan gateway automatically, and the lan definition should have no gateway as dnsmasq sets that automatically for dhcp clients.

Naturally the router1 does not know the name of router2 (unless you have defined a fixed hosts definition), as that does not allocated by dhcp. And the router is unreachable also with ip numbers?

You might need to show the exact uci network and dhcp config from both routers to get accurate help.

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You are Gateway at 1 , but still no way enter.
Ive done all steps as described in the link, but still no luck. Ican upload the conf of the 2nd Router without changes...

Pls close cause im dumb...
it was the hostname

Btw Thx @hnyman

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