Router to replace ISP's under 100€

Hi, I'm trying to replace my ISP's router with one ~100€, by using it as my main router and connecting it directly to the WAN connection coming from a fiber optics ONT. My goal is to have an internal gigabit cabled network, and that can max my 500Mb/s internet service. I plan on having a wireguard server and dns (dnsmasq) server on it. Wifi is required but somewhat secondary, just needed to connect my phone and laptop to maybe watch some videos in 1080p, the area to be covered is small.

I started by looking at the TP-Link archer c7 (80€ in Europe), but was told that something with ipq40xx ( would have substantially better hardware and prices would be similar. Namely I was suggested the GL.iNet GL-B1300 (90€). It seems to fit my needs (except that I would like it to have at least 3 LAN ports, but that can be fixed with some switch if needed), but I don't plan on using the mesh features that seem its main sales point.

My question is, is there a better device that would serve my needs, or is the GL-B1300 the best I can get at the time? I checked the fritzbox 4040, which is slightly cheaper, would this be a good option?