Router time... never correct

Hello, not sure if I've broken the ntp settings, but I noticed earlier that the time was wildly wrong... by 4 hours or so !
I've replaced the server(s) with:
And we are back in the ball park, apart from its 5 minutes slow.. no big thing, but the ocd is nagging ! lol

Exactly 4 hours wrong? Perhaps it is configured in the wrong timezone?

Time zone set to London, and it's now a hour and 5 minutes out !
How often does it update the time .?

Very often, but time varies based on on size of the correction made at the last time check. Sounds like you have broken the NTP settings and it does not update at all. Or you have somehow broken internet connection?

/etc/config/system should have this:

config timeserver 'ntp'
        option enabled '1'
        list server ''
        list server ''
        list server ''
        list server ''

Always (!) provide multiple NTP servers, as shown in hnymans example.

Cannot see anything amiss - but still its way off..... its 6pm local time (BST) plus a minute needed to capture the pics !

Sync with browser puts it right... then after a while it's wrong again !
am I being fed the wrong time ?

help please :cry:

This is driving me mad now....

Just changed to :slight_smile:

config timeserver 'ntp'
option enabled '1'
list server ''
list server ''
list server ''
list server ''

...and its saying its 11:42pm

...when its actually 9:51pm !!! AAARRRGGHHHH whats going on ?

Have you ruled out the time travel/time dilation? :wink:

Standard question: Is there anything in the logfiles?

No idea.... never been there !
What am I looking for ?

Stop sysntpd for testing, to prevent anything external to change the clock and set it once. It's not unheard of that the internal clocks of embedded devices can be pretty bad, ntp is supposed to take care of that - but if the device's clock is too far gone (and/ or unsteady), that might not be possible.

... OK, turned off the ntp client, and 10 hours later the clock is still the correct time (synced with browser) so the on board clock seems OK.

Am I facing a reflash here, or can it be rescued ?

Thanks guy's

Well.... got bored, and reflashed..... now the clock seems to be behaving itself - fingers crossed !!!!!