Router that can handle 400Mbps over 5GHz under $120

Right now, I have a Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition but can't get pass 200Mbps over Wi-Fi no matter what I do: Mi Router 4A Gigabit slow on 5GHz

I'm looking for a new router under $120 that can handle over 400Mbps. I don't use SQM, only AdBlock, and this is going to be at my home with no more that 2-3 devices using the Internet simultaneously.

I found the GL.iNet Router WiFi 6 GL-AX1800(Flint) on Amazon. Any other suggestions?

Flint isn't supported yet, WIP.

Archer c2600
Netgear 7800
Netgear XR500
Zyxel Armor z2
Asrock G10
The AC devices will max out around 600mbps, when not routing (APs) , probably 400+ when routing.

Netgear WAX202
Belkin RT3200
Or any other supported AX device.

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well your router can handle more easy, make sure you are on the right driver, do not buy device that can do that via software.

your device can do 3 time more

Gambader , many thanks

I did not know the Asrock G10 but for the price it seems very good

you're welcome.

only drawback is, it requires serial access, if you'd accidentally soft brick it.