Router suggestion


I've used the R7800 previously at home, and am quite satisfied with it. I'm currently looking for a different router that I can tinker with. I'll be using it mainly for local NAS usage (no nas usage from internet), and ~400Mbit up/down usage.

Would R7800 be the way to go, or should I get something else?

Should I also look at using the DFRobot cm4 thing as a router and get a cheap ap for wifi?

Preferably looking for router + AP in one, but I'm open to suggestions about router + AP in different devices combos too. If you have both, please do suggest both, thanks!

Does the device need to have wifi?

Updated question :smiley:

You could use an ODYSSEY - X86J4125 or the CM4 carrier board and install the OpenWrt system by Seeed. This OpenWrt system already combines many packages and the source code is open-source on GitHub. Also they generate these image on a daily basis.

I saw you are looking forward to a NAS solution. I am actually using the above ODYSSEY - X86J4125 running as a NAS itself along with OpenWrt also inside. Thanks to the m.2 ports and the SATA ports onboard.

Also, the CM4 carrier board above can work in AP mode. You just need to connect an antenna to the CM4 module to make it work.

I'm looking into something similar.

Eye balling a Nanopi R4S and I'll use that with my Unifi 6 Lite AP.

I plan on using a switch with the R4S for more ports.

I think he meant the cm4 board itself with wifi and ble

Hmm so far as per pricing, the r7800, or the cm4 seems to be my best bet.

Please do suggest alternatives!

the issue is you've described two devices / use cases... and mentioned price a few times...

any device over ~300Mb/s and half utilized NAS function is bordering on needing two separate units...

everything is a trade-off... so to get the right answer you'll have to be more specific about the ULTIMATE requirements... ( and budget )

  • can you do it with a seed/cm4 or rpi = probably with no/separate wifi
  • can you do it with x64 = yes... but it will cost and wifi needs research
  • can you do it with 7800/other high end usb3 routers = maybe, depends on what you mean by NAS

Good point. I was looking for a device that openwrt could fully support, and something that doesn't break the bank. I'm currently exploring, so didn't specify hard requirements. But my expectations are,

  • Has 2.4/5Ghz, and can do close to a Gigabit in Lan (cable/wifi)
  • Ideally under 200$
  • Is actively supported by openwrt, with almost full hardware support
  • Can maxout 500Mbps up/down
  • Used by maximum of 5 clients on wifi + lan
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doable... but forget the NAS or commit to splitting it into two separate (similarly priced = x 2) devices and possibly substituting one of them for a cheaper/second hand unit in the short term...


  • one device?
  • two devices?

Could you recommend both? My NAS usage isn't extreme, I use it as a backup drive, possibly attached to a pi 4. As long as the ports and wifi can do their bidding, I'm fine, just want to make sure I use the hardware well :smiley:

For wifi, microtik devices seem to be best supported, is that right?

  • glinet flint running OEM firmware ( may need to wait a while )...
  • DFRobot & 2G CM4 Lite (CM4002000)

tick (well close enough given your requirements, for a little more i'd opt for a full rpi-4(4G+) with usb3-nic for more long term flexibility)

Perfect, thanks!

hmm glinet might take a while. Any other router + AP alternatives?

i'm sure other's will have some for you... ( my suggestion is one out of 1000+ possible combinations )

My mistake. I just double-checked and it seems the Carrier Board has to be bought separately and another CM4 module with WiFi needs to be bought to realize the AP mode.

In my opinion, my recommendation for you without breaking the bank would be to go for the CM4 Dual Gigabit Carrier Board ($45) combined with a CM4 WiFi module ($35) which will add to a total of $80.

  • Has 2.4/5Ghz, and can do close to a Gigabit in Lan (cable/wifi) - Can do only Gigabit Ethernet with combo version. 2.4/5Ghz can be realized with Carrier Board + CM4 WiFi version as mentioned earlier
  • Ideally under 200$ - yes
  • Is actively supported by openwrt, with almost full hardware support - OpenWrt System by Seeed with daily images compiled here
  • Can maxout 500Mbps up/down - yes
  • Used by maximum of 5 clients on wifi + lan - for Ethernet, use combo version and for WiFi use Carrier Board + CM4 WiFi

You could wait for recommendations from others as well :slight_smile:

Hi do you use this dual gigabit board with the CM4?

Does it work right out of the box, without any packages to install?

Specifically box gigabit ports