Router suggestion to add to ADB P.DG documentation

I have a suggestion to add a router to the ADB P.DG documentation, I have a Pirelli P.DG E4001N e-000-1A1-AX (from Telefonica Brasil) where I installed the 19.07.7 release and everything runs fine (except WiFi N, as expected). The E4001N looks more like the A4001N1 (BCM63281, BCM43225), but with only 8 MB Flash and no DSL modem. I have prepared some documentation, like information dump, along with some pictures at: which are available, of course, on a web server on the router itself.

Would be great if you could create a dataentry and a devicepage for the E4001N!

Please let me know your desired username, real name and email adress and I will create a wiki account for you.