Router Setup Issues

I got openwrt a couple days ago and all i’ve been doing these days is learning how to setup the router to what best fits me. In my house there’s a main modem/router (no openwrt) which is downstairs, we also have network jacks over the house so before i got openwrt on my second router I use to either connect my PS4 to the network jacks or connect my router to a network jack put the router in AP mode and then connect my ps4 to the router. The problem with this was I would get half of my speed that’s actually on my plan so I decided to install openwrt onto my router. The first thing I did was setting up the router as a wireless repeater this worked great I got my full amount of speed (100mpbs) when I connected my ps4 to the router but after a hour or so it would change my nat type from 2 to 3. The only way to combat this was resetting my main modem which will then put me on nat 2 but then it will change to nat 3. I asked for help on what to do and I got replies saying telling me to turn off the firewall etc. I got one reply which was to tell my ISP to turn off the router mode in the modem so my openwrt router will be my main router. I tried that and the problem with that was when I set it up by plugging the router into the modem I got my full speeds whenever I was on wifi but I wanted to have my router upstairs so I plugged the router into my network jack and this was only giving me 70mbps of the 100mpbs I get and when connected to my ps4 it was giving me half still. So it seems the only things I’ve tried that have worked at least a bit was setting the router as wireless repeater but as stated before that gave me nat Issues. If anybody knows how to fix the nat issues of that and could help me out please comment here or Nat Type 3 Problems. I was also reading about Bridge AP but wasn’t able to set it up using the openwrt wiki guide on it if anybody knows how to set that up please tell me. And if there are other ways I can fix this and get my router up to my PS4 running at its full capability please let me know. Sorry for the long read any help will be appreciated.

maybe you have ip interference

I decided to call my ISP and tell them to put my router into bridge mode so now how do I configure the router so it send out wifi and all of that

See the other topic that you have opened: Setting Up OpenWrt Router to be Main Router

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