Router request/ help overclocking

Hello I would like to make a request for firmware to me made for the netgear x10 (r9000) and the GT-AC 5300 as I feel like there power would be amazing for this firmware. Also would anyone happen to know how to OC a x10? Thanks

Overclocking is a bad approach, this will void any spec.

if vendors enabling overclocking in their hardware/software, they do it only for convince the "normal customer" it's is possible without ANY damage.
Or with other names marketing speak.

BUT if the hardware can detect i.e. with thermal management without exceed other specs this is possible.

My x10 is running at 30c with a fan so I have some wiggle room. I was told in order to overclock I would need to do it via calibration data anyone have any idea how do to that?

Can you guarantee than other clocks are not exceeded ??
As I said thermal is not the only issue here.

Looking at the specs on
this device has 4 CPU core, I repeat four
with 1.7 GHz and lots of RAM and FLASH

I think three of the CPU are power idling all the time, unless your are running VPN or other tools
Encoding video is out of scope

If you think you need extra power for copying IP pakets inside your network, you are also wrong.
Most is done via DMA and the CPU is used only for some protocol things. This is also true if you attach some DVB--T devices.