Router recommendation

I need router that supports OpenWRT.
My internet speed 100mbps.
I need Wi-Fi, 2.4 GHz is fine.
I need at least 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports.
I don't know about USB.
I need to support 6 devices.
Price range under 67 $.

Maybe you should start reading posts before asking such very basic question ?

Archer C7 could be a good fit.

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Thank i will try Archer C7 out.

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Rather the C9 or C8

Are they supported by Openwrt?

Lists of supported devices plus download are to find via:

Having an image doesn't mean you can use all functions. The C9 is using the Broadcom chipset which has limited functionality under openwrt.


Sure, but I said you can. Only the flashing is on the c9 an trial and error and therefore not instantly ready but if you did it once you have it. Besides telephone stuff (which your provider either provides you or don't)

PPoE and everything via MAC copy of your ISP Router, create a new subnet; Login with ISP's PPoE Login - all mentioned models work well, helps)

entware doesn't help you at all to get wireless, xDSL/ cable modem and phone (FXS or DECT) functionality working, neither of which are supported on Broadcom hardware.

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I'm going to say that this is a perfect inquiry. It contains the critical information (speeds, Wi-Fi requirements, price range) so it's an easy answer.

It's hard to search this Forum for price info. And the Table of Hardware doesn't contain price info. So I would say that this is exactly the right kind of inquiry.

PS Hi @Bassline98! Welcome to OpenWrt!

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