Router Recommendation: Wi-Fi 6 QCA Opensource Router

Hi Folks, looking for a OpenWRT supported router with below requirements.
Is this possible or this is a pipe dream?

  • Internet connection: 1Gbps but not focused on LAN<>WAN NAT speeds

  • WIFI: Need 2+5 GHz but ideally tri-band (preferred with 6GHz or PCIe slot to add 6GHz radio)

  • At least 1 LAN and 1 WAN 1gigE port

  • Preferred 1 USB port

  • standard: Wi-Fi6

  • Chipset: Strongly Preferred Qualcomm IPQ80xx based on IPQ6xxx based. Last Resort Broadcom based. (strictly NO MTK or MARVELL Based)

  • Number of devices on WIFI - 5-25 Per radio

  • Price - can be $100-$750 (does not need to be cheap)

  • CANNOT be chipset vendor reference design. Has to be something available for purchase locally or via specific vendors

  • Can put OpenWRT and modify the FW. Not securebooted.

  • ARM Based (not x86 based)

Add your requirements to the table of hardware and see what comes up, if anything, then pare back your needs until something does.

For the SOC vendors, no Broadcom device with AX is supported, Marvell do not make AX hardware and x64 wifi6 / AX cards have little to basically no access point support.

My view, you have zero chance of finding a consumer level all in one device that does all you’re looking for. Would need a separate AP, router and 2.5gig switch.

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yep, I looked the table and I could not find anything 11ax from Qualcomm side.

yes, AX STA cards not much support

Exactly, AX is still very new and only mtk is open source friendly.

To avoid mediatek and have openwrt on your router you would need a standalone AX access point and separate supported router.

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I dont know..just a suggestion...RPi4/nanopi r4s + a wifi 6e access point is the only option i guess.

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anything wired can be used, and there are way cheaper options out there, if you don't mind used hw from ebay.