Router recommendation under $100

Speed: 200/30
Wi-Fi: Yes (2.4 and 5GHz)
Ethernet: Also yes, at least 4 ports
USB: Probably not needed
Devices: Probably not more than 15-20
Other services: Not needed, I have them on external devices
Price range: $100 or below
Thanks in advance!

If you're in US, Belkin RT3200.

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I couldn’t find that for less than 100$ close to me, and since it was urgent (our other router broke), I ended up going with the Linksys EA8300. Also, could my network connection really take advantage of Wi-Fi 6?

Walmart had it for $80 one or two weeks ago, Belkin sell it themselves for $99, but there's a $10 off coupon.

network yes, internet connection, no.

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