Router recommendation for the following usecase

My connection right now is 300mbps, but relatively soon they are upgrading to DOCSIS 3.1 and I will likely be able to upgrade to Gigabit, so I need 3.1 & Gigabit support.

Also, I need dual band Wi-Fi.

I'd really like to also have web/media server capabilities and USB 3.0 ports. It really only needs to support like 3 users, but depending on if I can run a webserver I'll likely host a page. I am unsure how to estimate the traffic to that, but it's a relatively niche hobby-page so it won't be much traffic. Oh, definitely need VPN as well.

I am open to whatever price range up to $400 or so.

Thank you!!

I'd also like to hear hardware recommendations if price was of no concern. Even if it's like $500+ I can maybe find one that is repairable or something. I'd prefer to get good hardware that will do everything I need.

Get a modern Celeron or sth, and virtualise everything. Or get separate devices. You don't want your router to be your media server and your web server. Especially the latter is way too much exposure for a device that essentially keeps your network in the air.

You are right. I have an old desktop here that I am thinking about using. How do I tell if the hardware is enough for there to be no bottle neck? That is the main thing I am having trouble with now. My friend keeps telling me to "just get a Raspberry Pi", but I have no idea if that is enough. I have no perspective on hardware capabilities for what I need.

Easy enough to test: set up OpenWrt on a spare USB stick, boot off it, and test it.