Router RAM Frequency

What router RAM Frequency i need to use to avoid bottleneck for 1gbit routing and lower the latency for gaming?
At this moment i use ddr3 1333 ECC RAM (but in dual channel), and i've read what new ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 uses ddr4 4000 Mhz (single channel i guess?) Insane! Should i update my system to ddr4 3200/3600? What your router RAM speed?

Just because it uses something fast and new, doesn't mean you'll benefit from it.

Compare the CPU power of the rapture with your current router instead, it's what does the heavy lifting, anyway.

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You can understand my thoughts, ASUS is a greedy company, if they could use a ddr2 800mhz microchip, they would, but they have a chip that natively works at 4000, is it just like that, for fun? I've checked screenshots of dissasembled GT-AX6000, Hynix HMK1G4MXXXX chip used.

All companies are greedy, or they would be orgs ,)

The GHz of the RAM doesn't really say anything about the performance of the CPU though.

But it seems to have two 2.5gbit ports, so they can't use some cheapo J1900 or dito arm, because it'd become a bottle neck, when routing.

BTW, 4000 GHz is the max speed of the RAM, it's capable of running slower, if needed ,)

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