Router only (no wifi) suggestions

Hey folks,

I have been using openwrt for a long time (still have a wrt54gl around here somewhere) and have had various wifi routers running it over the years.

I now have FTTH (currently 80m but going to 300mb soon) and a pile of uniquiti wifi gear so looking for something that will do routing etc but no wifi or with wifi but not its primary feature if that makes sense.

And recommends on hardware?

I have a couple of BT Homehub5 routers I have been using but they seem a lot slower, even using wired, than the isp provided fritzbox so looking for a replacement.



At 300Mbps you want something with horsepower particularly with SQM, I suggest a mini PC x86 or at least a dual core or more 1ghz+ ARM device like an espressobin.

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Or an APU2 from ; excellent hardware.


Thanks, i will have a look at pcengines and the hardware table in the wiki,

@dlakelan thanks for mentioning SQM, it reminded me to look into what it actually was :slight_smile:

Interestingly, I am currently using a bt homehub 5 running 18.0.6 and it seems slow even with its 2 cores and 128mb ram.

I have an 80mb fibre connection but with no WiFi enabled and single device connected via cat 7 Ethernet, I only get 60mb on the various speed test sites.

I have recently tried sqm which has improved things a little but my fundamental speed is still slow. Will start a separate thread to ask about possible performance improvements/ config issues.

How is your bufferbloat measurement on the dslreports speed test. How is latency on DNS lookups?

Setting qos @ 95% of reported speeds has improved buffer bloat from D to A+

How do you measure dns latency?

I am using opendns

Good question re measuring DNS, what you want there is to DNS query 10 consecutive non cached names and measure the total time... If you have some shell script skills you can do that manually.