Router-on-a-stick, slow WLAN from separate dumb AP

Hello, all, first post! I'll try to keep it short and sweet. EDIT fail. Give me a chance though...

Comcast Cable connection, 150mbps down. I have a collection of old routers that, while "supporting" gigabit speeds, do not have the processing power to handle such speeds (at least not with openwrt/lede driving the hardware). So I'm using an old handy Dell D600 with one gigabit port as the router. Poor little old Centrino, but it's more than enough power to handle routing functions past the abilities of any router I own.

So I have two vlans operating over a cable from the Dell to a Netgear router (WNR35000L), which is acting as a waystation of sorts, for lack of a technical term. The general idea is for the Netgear to pass through the modem's connection (unmanaged), through a vlan and to the Dell. The Dell accepts the Comcast IP on its "WAN" vlan. The Dell sends the lan network to a second vlan (over the same cable of course) back to the Netgear, where the Netgear's three extra ports (no dhcp, static address) act as an untagged switch for the Dell.

Using a wired connection from these three Netgear LAN ports, I get full speed. But when I attach a third device (Linksys E2000) to act as a dedicated WAP, the wireless speeds from that device are excruciatingly slow. I understand the limitations of wireless N, and I accept I will not get a full 150mbps down over this particular dumb AP. But I only get 5mbps down currently. And I know this E2000 device is good up to 40-50mbps (plenty enough for my wifi needs). There is still internet access, and can still ping google and browse the web, but there is some kind of bizarre throttling occurring over wifi. I've tried other devices in WAP mode with assorted open firmwares, with no luck.

Any ideas as to why a separate dumb AP (same subnet) would throttle the connection so, despite a wired connection from the Netgear's LAN "extension" ports being able to supply the proper download speeds? Let me know if you need any more config-related details. Thanks!

Apologies-- Tomato was on the E2000, gave it a full "30-30-30" as they do, and Wi-Fi speeds are fine now. No skin off my back if this thread gets tossed. :stuck_out_tongue: