Router NO WIFI for connection with Synology Nas

Hallo I’m looking for a router without WiFi (in my home I have a specific wifi hotspot so prefer not to have WiFi capabilities on the router) that can handle openWRT.
My actual router is a Lynksys LRT224 and apparently it is not compatible with openWRT neither it works well with my synology nas.
I would like to switch to another router to implement openWRT, hopingIn this way I can obtain good compatibility with my NAS.
I know a lot of models are in the compatibility list but almost all are with WiFi, and maybe it is better to obtain an idea from wise people.
I am in italy connected to a fiber ftth Wan (vodaphone); my router is connected as DMZ to the evolution vodaphone station.
Which is your suggestion?
Many thanks.

You use all with wifi router not using wifi functionnality …

In folder etc/config remove wireless file or remove with luci

I understand you do not want to pay for something you don't need, but most (if not all) consumer oriented routers have wifi, so you will probably have to find a very specific device, and will end paying more.

Good products some 30$

Colud you please suggest me some with good functionality/reliability?